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光 - Japanese for 'light'

Hikari Cheerleading is a young, growing cheerleading association, with training locations in Rotterdam and Wassenaar. The association consists of members who live, study and work in South Holland. The two independent associations ASH and Hikari Cheerleading have merged to make the membership base stronger and more diverse, and to pool the knowledge and experience of all staff members. This is how the team that exists today emerged.


Hikari Cheerleading believes that every athlete, regardless of age or experience, has something to offer. This belief allows each member to contribute in his or her own way, and thus strengthen the association. We see cheerleading as a way of life, and being a member of Hikari means being part of a family.

We come together, train together, and learn from each other. Regardless of whether you are looking for an outlet for your stress, a way to develop yourself athletically, or a sport in which you can release your spirit and energy; Hikari Cheerleading offers a place to make all this happen. Together we can do anything.



Nicky Nijhuis


Olga Ruwe

General board member

Steven Horstink


Sanne Van Nieuwenhuijze

General board member

Anaïs Garin


Isaura Calor

General board member

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