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Cheer Dance

Cheer dance (or performance cheer dance) is the perfect union between dance and cheerleading. In cheerdance we take elements and skills used in ballet, basic movements and jumps of cheerleading and basic gymnastic skills. We unite and synchronize them with music. Cheer dance is a sport where everyone plays their part to make a team effort.

Within cheer dance categories, the poms category is characterized by the use of iconic cheerleading poms. Jazz is the most lyrical category where music is interpreted and a story is told with the movement of the body.

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 3.03.53 PM.png
Dance with your heart... your feet, hands and poms will follow you!

For who?

Anyone with an interest ages 6 to 10. 

When and where?

Saturday, 9:00 - 11:00 


At SH Schuttersveld Spiegelzaal
Crooswijksestraat 93, 3034 AE Rotterdam

How to join?

​Fill in our contact form, we will contact you by email to schedule a trial lesson.


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